Friday, March 9, 2012


Wow, so I took a break didn't I? This week has been filled with great weather(till yesterday's monsoon) and Spring cleaning.....oh and our clothes dryer broke---definitely wasn't expecting that *new* investment we were going to have to make.

Monday as I was putting the hubbs clothes away I realized our closet was WAY too packed, especially my poor husbands side...somehow I have begun taking over that side as well as my own. Hum, not sure how that happened! ;) I decided I needed to clean it out. Okay, and and my youngest's closet....oh, and rearrange our room a little. Slightly overboard, but I am so glad I had the energy to do it! My oldest currently has a love for vacuuming(woo-hoo!) so he helped clean too! I could get used to that.

Tuesday the dryer broke. Boo.....pretty sure the 20 loads I did last week was the culprit. We were able to find an awesome one on sale though and it comes in TODAY! How's that for speedy?!

The boys "helping" me with the laundry. Right before the dryer broke.
Also, let me give you an update on how my "healthy living" plan has been going. If you remember my post last week. It definitely didn't start very well! But, guess what?! It got easier! I basically cut back on sugar and flour and increased my fruits, veggies, and protein. That combined with my couch to 5k program helped me lose 2 pounds! Woot Woot! Plus, I just FEEL better overall. Take THAT Hoshimotos! :)

Fav new "meal." Green Monster Smoothie
Speaking of the couch to 5k program I have officially completed week 3 and am beginning week 4 today. So far everything is going well and I feel really good. A lot better than the first time I did the program.

It has been a good, productive week. I feel more energized and also less cluttered. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. You'll be smokin' at Toad Suck this year :) First weekend in May :) Get it on your calendar :) My kid's scared of the vacuum- But likes to sweep and mop.

  2. Great job on sticking with the 5K plan!! :-) Are you running in the St. Patrick's Day 5K this weekend? There is also one in Searcy (the suicide one) on Sat. April 28th. They just need to make shirts that don't say the word "suicide" on them this time...

    1. Thanks Tia! I'm planning on the suicide one(I agree about the shirt thing!!) because I will be at the end of my training then. I probably won't do the St. Patty's one because we will have family in town, but I really want too! I love St. Patty's!


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