Saturday, March 17, 2012

No Pinching in my house!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!!! I hope each of you have celebrated this wonderful holiday in all it's glory. Like I said in my post yesterday, this is my favorite holiday. Green is my favorite color and this holiday gives me a great excuse to go crazy with it!

The holiday started off with my take on "green" nail polish. It's called "Need a refreshing Mint?" by Wet-n-Wild. I know, again, with the Wet-n-Wild. Inexpensive nail polish (This one I got for $.99!! with a coupon of course), but this is seriously an awesome polish. It has this great flat brush that lets you paint your nails incredibly fast and it stays on your nails great. All-in-all, I like it.

And I digress....anyways, there is this book I love for St. Patrick's Day called, "Twas the Night Before St. Patrick's Day". It is a twist on the "Night Before Christmas" story. In short it is about 2 kids who set traps to try to catch a leprechaun to find out where he hid his treasure. The leprechauns make messes and in the end still tricks them in a cute way.
The Night Before St. Patrick's Day (Reading Railroad)
So for the past few days the "Leprechauns" have come and made messes in our house with my boys toys and left "footprints" to prove it. Our son loved it and wanted to catch the leprechaun. The fun ended with him getting to still have a piece of the rainbow and some of his "treasure"(Rolos). We had a lot of fun with it.
The Leprechauns messed up our son's beloved cars..."Look Mom! Leprechaun footprints!"

Our food for the day was themed also.....Green chili egg "muffins" and a Green Monster Smoothie for breakfast, Shamrock shaped sandwiches(3 heart shaped sandwiches formed into a shamrock with a stem), fruit rainbow :), Mint M&M cookies, and fabulous Green cupcakes my dad brought from Oklahoma. The Hubbs and I had a FUN date night/game night with friends from church tonight and had green themed food. We brought Bacon Brown Sugared Green beans and a Pistachio Cake/Pudding Trifle(I make this every year!). We had so much fun!

Some other pics of the day.....

My awesome Dad...Some of you wonder where I get my "spirit" from?!

Starting the kids off right ;) Our youngest in his "Kiss Me" Tux...

I think it is fun to take an ordinary day and make it a little more special and out of the norm. It makes life more interesting. I hope you all have had a good "no I didn't get pinched, I wore my green!" type of day.

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