Thursday, March 1, 2012

Better Choices

This week has been beautiful so I have been outside playing with the kiddos rather than inside on the computer. I hope wherever you are you have been able to enjoy a glimpse of Spring also!

Playing some T-Ball :)

This week besides enjoying the weather I also tried to begin a new "eating regime". Oh Lordy.....I have this amazing friend who wanted to lose her baby weight so she began this same "eating plan" and has done amazing. I on the other hand have decided that she must have the self restraint of a monk because I have had a REALLY hard time with it! Part of it probably stems from the fact that since I have to keep thinking about what I am eating I am ALWAYS thinking about food. Which leaves me wanting food all the time. :)

Of course it meant cutting out most of the "snacky" food(we have so many crackers, etc here because of the kids and they are way to easy to grab when I don't have the time to sit and make something) and in my case I tried to cut way back on breads. I LOVE BREAD. It is such a comfort to me. I am also a major foodie and, well, love yummy food. BUT I came up with a plan and gave myself options of different healthy and yummy things to eat. I could do this...right?

The first day: AHHHHHHHH I felt like I was hungry all day

Day two: AHH a little easier...but all I wanted was a since I wasn't completely cutting out bread I dreamed up an awesome dinner for myself that consisted of a Pesto, Mozzarella, and sun dried tomato grilled sandwich and an amazing salad...Probably not the most balanced meal, I but I was SOOO wanting something to satisfy my bread craving...My husbands first reaction? "Where's the meat?" After promising him meat the next day I set out to make my yummy dinner.
I love feta as mentioned in this post and I recently have come across these pomegranate craisins. I love the flavor of the craisins, but try to eat them too much because of the sugar BUT ohhhh how I love them in a salad!
The finished salad along with some toasted pecans...topped with Balsamic Vinaigrette...YUM!

And with my incredibly yummy Pesto, Mozza, and Sun Dried tomato sandwich. I enjoyed every bit of it and didn't feel one bit guilty.

Enough with the yummy bread....lets move on to the crackers and super sugary things I need to cut back on. This has become my favorite snack...

Dark Chocolate Yogurt

Easy to make and yummy to eat. It's kind of like a healthier version of Pudding.

Dark Chocolate Yogurt
4 ounces Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt
2 ounces Plain low fat yogurt (not pictured)
1/2-1 tsp of Dark Chocolate cocoa(more or less depends on your taste)

-Enjoy :)

It completely satisfies my sweet tooth and adds protein and calcium to my day. A cookie can't exactly say that much.

Okay, so lets just go ahead and say I don't "diet" well. My plan from now on is to make healthier choices than the normal, easy choices, but also allowing myself to indulge every once and a while. I think I would go crazy otherwise. I love food too much.

This is also why I run. :)

Here's to making more better choices......

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