Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinterest makes me a better Woman...

Seriously. How many women(okay, and some men...) are now inspired to go beyond our "norm" all because we now have a place to store great ideas AND steal (in a good way of course!) ideas from others? Millions!

Pinned ImageHave you noticed how many people are now celebrating St. Patrick's Day (and not just wearing green)who never did before? All because of that darn cute fruit rainbow with the pot of gold that's rolling through Pin-land!

Or how many moms are doing WAY more creative activities with their kids because of all the colorful pictures the scroll by our eye?

Mexican Baked Eggs...Chance would love this...Or how many more incredibly happy husbands there are because of the awesome dinners their wife is (finally) inspired to cook?! All because we get so darn hungry every time we scroll through our "Pin-Wall"!

Or how much "cuter" homes look with new decor outside and in?

Yep, thank you, Pinterest.

Thank you for the joy I now feel towards random, hardly celebrated holidays.

Hobby Lobby thanks you.

Lowes thanks you.

Our local supermarkets thank you for our spur of the moment cravings.

Our families thank you.

Some think we waste time on Pinterest, but I say NO, no, we don't. We are creating a better life for our family. That's my story...and I'm sticking to it ;)


So what is your new "I MUST try that today!" Pin?!

Mine? The St. Patrick's Day banner I pinned today!


  1. So is that your recipe that looks like a flat enchilada with an egg??? Or is it from a recipe you pinned to a board? Looks yummy!

    1. ha! You know what?! I meant to post that recipe on here a LONG time ago, but must have forgotten! It is Mexican Baked Eggs and you will LOVE it! They reminded us of your amazing enchiladas! It is one of my Pins on my recipes board.

  2. Yes I love Pinterest! (in healthy moderation of course ;) ) Getting back into routine and looking forward to carving out some time for some inspiration from pinning:) I agree! It has helped me to be a better mom/wife with all the yummy recipes and kiddo activities. I need to organize my pin boards! Love the new layout. Call me! :)


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