Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday's with the MOB

Man oh man I have been busy! We are in project mode still and today we finished up our garden area and planted our Zucchini and Cucumber plants that are already crazy big.

So I thought I'd do a quick round-up of some highlights from my boys over the past week or so....

Quote from my oldest: "Mom, can you please go away?" Envision him poised towards our youngest waiting for me to leave so he can take his toy... :)

My youngest today as he dove(purposely) into a mud puddle while some friends and I were letting the kids play at a nearby college campus. In an attempt to make him "cleaner" he became shirtless the rest of the time while still having a blast in the puddle. Cute boy was in his element. And then later on tonight when we arrived at a track night(the kids get to run and have "races" with other kids) at the same college I was getting our youngest out of the car and realized we forgot his pants. HA! So, yes, he was shirtless and pantless on the same campus in one day. Needless to say he didn't mind a bit :)

The next pictures are from the hike we took the boys on last Friday. They LOVED it! They could throw rocks, jump off rocks, play in the dirt (get dirty), splash in the water, and just be free to be boys....

A park at a nearby campsite

We kept attempting to take a "good" family pic, and this is the best one!

Throwing a million rocks :)

I hope you have had a good Monday (with the MOB)!

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