Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday's with the MOB: Link up!

Happy Monday everyone! It has been another busy, but wonderful week in this household.

Some sweet moments by my boys this week...

My youngest pressing his cute little hands together and bowing his head to say the prayer. Almost made this momma cry.

My oldest singing songs at his end of the year "presentation" at Pre-school. He was so proud.

My youngest and his new word, "CHEEEEESE". He brings me the camera and says "cheeeese" just about every day. I love hearing all of his new words!

Some "boy" moments...

Our youngest has a new favorite "game": Flying from the ottoman to the couch over and over and over. Typically we don't allow this, because we are trying to keep the couches "alive" a few more years, BUT he does it with the biggest smile on his face and it is incredibly hard to say no to.

That's this week's Monday with the MOB. Link up or comment with your own MOB (Mother of boys...of all ages)stories from the week!

**On a side note, still having computer problems. I'm not going to lie though, it is kind of nice to be forced to stay off the computer. This little "facebook vacation" of mine has been kind of freeing. And for those of you who write on my posts, my wall, or send me messages on FB, I can't get any of them :) Promise I'm not ignoring you! My incredibly old laptop made me do it...

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