Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just a pickin'......some strawberries that is!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It ended up being a crazy busy day, but a beautiful day none the less. Early in the morning my friend Becky and I took our boys to pick strawberries at a strawberry farm about 25 minutes away that Becky has been to before. It was SO much fun! I loved the fact that we were able to teach our boys about how strawberries grow and also that we got to take home a massive amount of fresh strawberries. Here are some pictures of the outing...

The boys had fun and all came home with red hands and faces :) and I am now dreaming of all the things I can do with these beautiful strawberries...YUM!This is definitely a tradition I want to continue with our family!

Check back tomorrow for an AWESOME crustless quiche recipe and Saturday and Sunday when I share some projects from around the house!

Happy Spring, everyone!


  1. I was talking to Becky about this today! Loved seeing these pics. I need to do something like this with my crew. I wonder if it would be really crowded on a Saturday...

    You all really did get A LOT of strawberries! I'll have to see your upcoming recipes too...

    1. I bet it wouldn't be too crowded on a saturday! They have plenty of rows to pick from. Your bunch would love it! Ha, you might want to bring a stroller for Ashton...Pryce did good for a little while then started eating too many rotten Strawberries that were on the ground, so he got strollered! :)


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