Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Ode to the Magic Eraser...

We have been doing some major Spring cleaning and finishing up some major projects around the house lately. We have gotten our Blue Beast (aka the blue bath in our master) refinished to a shiny off-white, replaced the old seashell sinks in our bathrooms, replaced all our old brass door knobs, and now I'm cleaning every wall and cabinet and touching up paint where needed.

During this crazy cleaning and project spree I discovered an untouched Mr. Clean Magic eraser amongst our cleaning supplies. I decided to give it a try on our some poor cabinets that had been "loved on" a little too much by our boys and to my surprise every mark came off! I also discovered that grime that I have been trying to get off for the last FOUR years from our stove and oven MAGICALLY came off with barely a swipe of the eraser. My first thought? "SERIOUSLY?! That's ALL it took?!" And there I went...every wall, cabinet, and appliance has now been scrubbed by Mr. Clean. I'm in love.

I don't know why I hadn't used it much in the last four years since we moved in here, but I should have! It would have saved me SO much time. With the way our house looked when we moved in (TOTAL fixer)it would have made our job a lot easier.

No more paper towels or other cleaning sponges for me! Magic Eraser all the way! I suggest you do the same...more expensive, but TOTALLY worth it.

Just a thought from this very pleased housewife...

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