Monday, April 16, 2012

Mondays with the MOB: Link Up!

Every once and a while I have been doing Monday's with the MOB (Mother of boys) recap of the last week with my adorable, energetic, and wild boys. I have decided to do that every Monday and invite other moms of boys to link up and share their week as well! All you need to do is share your own crazy wonderful stories on your blog. You can add the link to your post at the bottom of this post. Fun, right?! Please no complaining (you know the difference between complaining and telling a "funny" story) about our sweet, well meaning boys. This is just a way I have found to help celebrate that, yes, we did indeed survive another week with our boys(of all ages) that seem so foreign to us at times :) If you don't have a blog of your own, please share your stories in a comment on this post!

This past week has been relaxed. We returned from Texas and just spent the week getting back into a routine. The weather has been beautiful so everyday pretty much included a bike ride and/or a trip to the park.

--Some highlights of the week....

The boys actually PLAYING together (no fighting!)

My youngest now uses his milk bottle as a sword and makes the appropriate "swishhhh, swishhhh" sound as he swings it through the air :) Future Fencing champ?

My oldest and his new obsession with water towers. We must have taken about 20 pictures of them to and from Texas. Funny thing is that I have always loved old water towers. I'm excited about this new hobby of ours!
My boys wanting to hold hands with me on the very last leg of the trip from Texas. They were tired and it was incredibly sweet :)

--Now for some moments that are umm, boy??--

My youngest was so excited (picture the cutest, biggest smile) to bring me his newest "treasure".....
a HUGE, dead MOTH! 
Needless to say, I freaked out! Then, to try and not scare my son I smiled as big as I could, said "thank you, baby!" and whisked him away to disinfect his hands like crazy!

--Lesson Learned--
"Pretty" soap and decorative towels DO NOT belong in a boys bathroom. 
I like pretty soap and having towels hanging up that actually aren't meant to be used after a bath. It helps fulfill one of my "girly" needs I guess.
I have learned that "nice towels" WILL be used to accomplish any and all tasks a boy should choose despite how many times I try to explain "pretty towels" to them.
And soap....yes, no matter how good it smells, a WHOLE BOTTLE will be dumped out into the sink in order to "make more bubbles" to play in.
Sweet, functional, boys :)

I wish everyone another happy week in the MOB world!

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  1. I learned and am still learning the towel rule... from Derek, not the little ones! I asked for our second round of new towels for the bathroom last Christmas and even those haven't been spared! :)


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