Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Off Yer Rocker....

Since I have deemed this "Chair Week" here is another chair post....

Today's chair is courtesy of our neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Baker.

One day on our way home I noticed this chair sitting on the curb in front of our neighbors house. It looked like it was in good condition, so I sent the Hubbs and our oldest down to ask Mr. Baker if they were getting rid of it. Sure enough, they were :) The chair looked a little "off" and I soon found out why. The Bakers said that it used to be a rocking chair, they got to the point where they didn't need the "rockers" so they removed them. Leaving a short chair with a tall back. Even though it looked off, I decided I could figure out something to make it look more normal.

I decided to buy 4 decorative fence post toppers to screw into the legs of the chair. They would give it height and some "bulk".

I chose to put an ivory as the 1st coat of paint and my new favorite color, Hosta Leaf (I used it on this project as well). I also chose a matte polyurethane spray to seal it all in.

To begin we had to sand all of the poly (the shiny parts) off of the chair so that the spray paint adheres well. I used the whole can of the ivory as the first coat and then used two cans of the Hosta Leaf . After the paint had dried I sanded down some edges, corners, etc... to give it the worn in look. After sanding I applied about 3 coats of the Matte Polyurethane spray.

And this is the finished product......

I love how this chair turned out, the color kind of makes it for me.

Thanks for stopping by!

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