Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today was the day!!

Today was the day of the 5k I started training for about 2 months ago!

The result?! It went great! I wasn't dying, ran the whole thing (even at my grandma pace) and hit my goal time. I could have actually kept on running. All the "blah, I don't want to go running right now" training moments are worth it for the adrenaline on race day!

I had a great running partner, Cathryn, who was doing her first 5k. It made it a lot more interesting to have someone to run with who kept the same pace.

So what's in my running future? Right now the plan is to keep running at least twice a week 2 to 2 1/2 miles to work on speed and strength. There is a half marathon in October that I am considering doing. Well, let me clarify...not to run the whole thing (I have to constantly remind myself how incredibly bored I get while running!), but to run/walk it. We'll see about that one!

And, yeah....I have pictures of the wonderful day, but of course computer problems are still present! So just imagine the me smiling with the number 43 on my shirt (descriptive, right!?).

Happy Saturday everyone!

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