Sunday, April 22, 2012

Technical Difficulties....

Boo...hiss...blah, blah, blah... So, I had some great projects to share, but I am having some technical difficulties. I'm not going to lie, that happens a lot in this house. The hubbs and I don't know much about computers and are always having problems. About 3 weeks ago our main laptop started restricting me from using Facebook. Yes, that's 3 weeks without Facebook. No, I have not exploded yet. But, yes, I feel incredibly out of the loop! And now that same laptop will not let me access my blog! That is the computer with all of my pictures, etc on it. Which means that I can't share the pictures of my projects! The computer I am on is our Mac notebook and I don't put pictures on this one (not mentioning that I don't know how!). So until we figure this out (Modem, new laptop, I don't know! HELP!) this blog will be pictureless...yeah, we'll see how this goes. Any and ALL help is welcome :) I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. As I'm procrastinating on my studies, I asked my computer savvy husband what you should do. Do you have malwarebytes? (download it free at Have you tried restarting your router? (if not, try that too) Hope that helps!

    1. Great tips! I'll try those today! Thanks for the help! Ha, and I agree, blogging is a lot more fun than studying :)


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