Sunday, January 29, 2012

Valentine's Door Decor

Being in a house full of boys leaves me with little encouragement to decorate for Valentine's Day, with the main decor usually consisting of hearts, red and pink(a major sin according to my husband). But this year I decided I at least wanted something up--actually I am just having withdrawals from the Christmas decor being put up.

My goal? There would be hearts, but I would at least stay away from the detested "pink". Here's what I came up with for the door....It's a little different, but I tried to do something different than the ordinary wreath.

1. I started with 3 different colors of felt (LOVED the cranberry color!). I liked the way the black looked with these colors and even though it's not your typical Valentine's color, I used it anyways! I cut 3 different sized and shaped hearts from the felt.

2. I layered more hearts...

3. Then I added, *a fav*, a burlap layer

I'm not sure why this is sideways...
4. Using a simple whip stitch I sewed the layers together

5. On this one I did a running stick under the red layer to secure the top hearts to the bottom

6. I decided to give these some depth so I stuffed them with some poly fill that I had

7. Using thread I attached jute twine to the back of each heart in order to hang them

8. Finished hearts

9. Hanging on our door! I tied them together along with a couple pieces of burlap ribbon.

I added a button at the top just because :)

I really like how these turned out. Just enough "girl" but no pink, I don't want the men to go crazy...

AND the whole project cost about $1

***Tip....if you've ever worked with burlap you know it frays really easily. I turned the hearts over and spread elmer's glue around the edges (it dries clear) and it won't fray!


  1. I am just LOVING your projects! Remember all the projects we made up for Girl Scouts (out of desperation I guess - I had never been a real girl scout so Ijust made stuff up as we went)-I think for Valentines, we got Reeses PB cups, stuck long straws or green sticks(can't remember what we used) and cut out felt green leaves and glued around the bottom of each "rose" and put 12 in an old generic vase-decorated it with a bow and stuff and voila! A dozen roses for Mom that she can eat! girls loved doing that one..


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