Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Train Church

There are the days that are filled with screaming, tantrums, messes, etc....from the kiddos by the way, you will NEVER see me acting like that ;) ....and then there are the *sweet* days in which your son asks to make a church for the trains so that they have somewhere to go to Bible class.

Yes, it's a Pink shoebox. It's what I had. Sorry to the Hubbs for emasculating our son for a little bit :) and btw, the sign says "Train Church" if you couldn't read that.

"back, back train and get your load...."

I asked him if we should get some activities for them to do, but he told me, "No, they don't have hands mom, they have wheels! They can't color."

Thank you, Lord, for his sweet little heart.

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