Monday, January 2, 2012

Have you had your black-eyed peas yet?

Happy New Year to all. Here's to everything new and promising that 2012 will have for us. Whether you are a goal-setter or just a ride the waves type of person this post has a little of everything.

First, food! Some families have traditions of eating black-eyed peas on New Years Day to bring good fortune for the new year and some, I'm learning, serve hog jowl (I can't believe I just wrote that, it makes me shutter to think someone would eat that, but whatever, to each his own--if someone can explain to me how this tradition started that would be great, because I am at a loss), etc....My husband asks for black-eyed peas every year, but I have never cooked them for him because that too just does not sound in the least bit appetizing. This year though, with a new recipe in hand I officially became the best wife ever (in his eyes).

I first had this dish when it was cooked by my mom's husband who happens to be an excellent cook. I was a little skeptical at first because it contained the dreaded pea, but soon warmed up to it with each bite. My husband loved the dish and raved about it. I don't know his actual recipe, but I decided to take the idea and create my own....

Sweet Pea's
one can of black-eyed peas
8 oz frozen green beans (Or more if cooking for more than 6)
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 chicken bouillon cube
1/4 cup bacon pieces
1/8 cup water

1) Put all ingredients into a saucepan and heat over medium heat
2) Stir occasionally and cook until a thick sauce forms and peas and beans soften (about 20 minutes)
3) Serve warm. 

This was a crowd pleaser and even I, the naysayer, loved them and even got seconds.

Here's a link to the Pioneer Woman's blog for a southwestern type dip using black-eyed peas that I may have to try later on....

Moving on....Do you make resolutions or set goals for the new year? I'm usually not a die-hard resolution setter, but I like to set some (realistic)  goals to shoot for in the year. Some of mine this year include getting our home more organized(this has gone down the drain since the littlest guy came around last year) and back on schedule, studying the Bible more, and another more personal one that I will just keep to myself :)

I recently stumbled across a blog that has a list of one thing to organize each week in your home and I love this idea. Not too much at one time, and definitely do-able. I have included a button on my blog (On the right side) in order for you to refer to it if you would like. It's called "52 Weeks to an organized home" and I suggest you check it out or even make your own list of 52 things you would like to do for your home or in your life this year.

Another thing I found is this blog with AWESOME printables to help organize other areas in your life.... meals, shopping, daily tasks, etc...I have already printed some of these out and plan on putting them in light-weight frames, putting magnets on the back and putting them on the side of my fridge. You can write on these with a dry-erase marker that way you don't have to reprint each one.

I hope everyone begins this New Year with excitement and determination to, if anything, keep pressing on towards the "goal", whatever your goal may be.

A quick recap of some of my favs from 2011...

Adding our youngest to our family

AMAZING trip to Savannah, GA and Tybee Island

My oldest starting school....sniff sniff

Favorite new recipe: PESTO!

Favorite Project: Frame

Favorite painting of my hubbs this year....

For Pryce's nursery...

Love to all and best wishes in the new year!

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