Saturday, July 2, 2011

What is this?

Starting about a year ago (around the time we found out we were having another boy to add to the clan) I noticed myself being drawn to activities of the "girly variety." Things that I typically wouldn't do because,

a) the men in my life may not accept it as easily as I would hoped they would,
b) I'm stubborn and just didn't want to be classified as "girly" (a 5 letter word in some situations) and
c) lets face it, it just doesn't come natural in homes where you have to be on the look out for falling objects and tackling toddlers 26 hours a day (2 hours added because of the hour before bedtime and nap time that just seem like an eternity!).

Slowly but surely I began to be okay with it (g****) and I found myself, gulp, LOVING it (g****).

This list is some of the things that I discovered are a must in (my) girl world...

  1. Cooking...from scratch (so rewarding!)
  2. Drinking out of glass goblets or just plain old glass cups if that's what you have (pinkie up is optional)
  3. Animal prints, tastefully please
  4. Listen to your favorite music. This may not be "girly" to some but in a house full of boys my vote usually gets outnumbered quickly...(even better, your favs from H.S. or college--bring on the boy bands!)...and belt it! My current fav
  5. Sew....a nod to my grandmother and considered a thing of the past to some...but having the ability to create new things is empowering! And, if you don't tell anyone, they won't know how many trys it took you to get the final product looking half-way decent ;)
  6. Dare I say it, PINK......I've been slightly against it most of my life, until lately it has been slowly creeping into my life.....and I really can't forget TURQUOISE....kinda quirky, kinda love it
  7. Girly, frou frou, foods...the stuff my husband handles at an arms length and what kiddos wouldn't even think of touching. Keep an eye out for Fabulous Food Fridays on the blog...all I have to say is YUM
  8. Indulging in your favorite magazine. Yes, even if you have stacks of laundry to put away, it's OKAY to take a break! Two words, Southern Living. I'm of the opinion that southern girls have it all right anyways ;)
  9. Another nod to the older gen...EARRINGS! Always a must!
  10. Gardening, also very rewarding. Even if only one plant survives...that one plant was meant to make you smile :)
  11. Surrounding yourself with beautiful colors....yes I get the whole neutrals trend in decorating, BUT they were meant to have color added to them! So pick your favs and don't limit yourself too much
  12. Going along with my whole glass goblets fascination......drinking coffee(or tea...) out of BEAUTIFUL mugs...and throw a tea pot in there every once and while for added loveliness (Again, pinkie up is optional)!
  13. Last but not least......don't always buy for function! Throw a little friv (frivolousness) in there! It makes things more fun!
Feel free to let me in on some of yours...

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  1. Aprons! Aprons most definitely make my list! But I made peace with my girliness long ago. I only fought it until late highschool / early college. :-) Super cute blog!


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