Thursday, June 30, 2011

Keeping it "Girl"?

Being surrounded by the male gender my whole life (two brothers, a husband, and now two boys) I have struggled to discover and then maintain the "girl" in me. Recently, I've noticed the "girl" in me screaming out and wanting to make its self known in my wild, grunt-filled, everyday life. makes me feel be a "girl" that is.

So often in our society today I feel like being seen as a "girl" is also seen as a weakness...BUT I have discovered that being a "girl" can not only be beautiful, but also, BOLD (Yes, I realize the reference to the soap, Bold and the Beautiful...cue the rolling eyes of my spouse). These, combined with spunk, manors, quirkiness, and social"ness" makes a wonderful, very proud of, combination that we will call, "girl."

Some of my posts, opinions, ideas, etc....may seem old fashioned at times, but I think it's about time to rediscover what being a "girl" (or, "lady", as I am trying to teach our oldest to say...) is all about. AND, this is very important, embrace it and have FUN with it.

Join me as I continue to bring out AND attempt to live out the girl inside me...

Join me.
Have fun.
Tell me how funny I am(...or when I am not. Yes, that can happen).
Ask questions.
Tell me where to find great sales.
Share fun, frou frou (you will hear this adjective often from me, and no, I'm not sure if this is the correct spelling of the word), or lovely (kind of love that word---sounds so girly doesn't it?!) things.
And the greatest of all, LOVE.

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