Sunday, July 17, 2011

Being Bold and Beautiful...

Recently in our Sunday morning class at church we have been studying the book of Esther in the Bible.
Frequently I refer to it as the "Girl Power" book of the Bible (rolling eyes of my spouse). I have always loved the book of Esther for many reasons, and if you haven't read it through I really suggest it!

--Chapter 2 describes Esther as beautiful in form and in face. Who wouldn't love that description?!

One of the initial reasons Esther was chosen as Queen was her outer beauty, but I think the way she ultimately "found favor"(2:15) was because of something that most could not put their finger on...a beauty on the inside that was radiating outward.You can tell when a woman feels beautiful because she is usually glowing. One of my favorite things to see is a woman, or a person in general, radiating. Often I wonder what it is that is making that woman radiate and have come to the conclusion that one woman's idea of beauty is frequently different than anothers (I kind of love celebrating those differences in people). In Esther's case I like to think that she had pure joy within her that made her "radiate."

WE are daughters of a King, which makes us royalty just like Esther. God sees each of us as beautiful, not because of our outer appearances, but because of our hearts....the pure, passionate, and absolutely beautiful heart He created us with. Unfortunately the world hardens many of our hearts and we end up having a difficult time letting this beauty break through, or even understanding that we have a beautiful heart to share at all! 

--Another thing I love in Esther is that she displays boldness, passion, and strength....She is called to do something that obviously takes her out of her comfort zone, but is needed to be done. Can she be graceful, poised, but also brave and courageous? Of course. Women everywhere have this strength in them, they just need to recognize it and use it when the time is right(I'm speaking to myself also here!).

My prayer is that each of you discovers the heart that you were created with...beautiful, pure, strong, etc...connect with it, and use it for God's glory.

I've rambled enough for one day :) I hope each of you can begin the week knowing that God is with you, loves you, and finds you completely Gorgeous!

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