Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ode to Coffee...

On a day that I looked forward to welcome--mainly because I had zero set plans for the day (a complete joy considering the past week has been packed--of wonderful things of course)--I felt....blah....nothing. Determined to not waste this "beautiful day the Lord has made" in a sleepy fog I set out to rev my (I would say engines, but that is utterly NOT girly, so...) dancing feet (make sense?).

Goal 1. Jog....successful. My eyes opened and saw a gorgeous day

Goal 2. Play with kiddos, finish some projects, pack for upcoming trip........UNsuccessful.

I had NO idea what the problem was. Usually jogging will wake me up and send me on a energy induced morning (I usually crash once the wild things take a nap), but that definitely wasn't the case today. Call it complete exhaustion from the prior week or the fact that we wake up 3, 4, 7 times during the night because of an infant and a toddler who hears alligators in his room...I was tired AND was getting irritable.

All of a sudden a light bulb went off..........I hadn't had my COFFEE yet. WHOA, stop everything, that was the missing piece! I forgot that usually I wait till after our jog to make my coffee(obviously a necessity in my day). As quickly as possible, coffee is made, sugar and creamer are in my pretty (a must), pink, black, and white mug (that was given to me by a wonderful old friend) and it is sipped (ladies don't chug, right?!) VERY quickly.  Minutes later, my senses were awakened and all of a sudden I found a game of catch with both of my kiddos(yes, a 5 month old can play catch...he actually liked it...well chewing on the ball anyways...) extremely entertaining and reveled in the sweet laughs of both boys.

Excited again about my day of possibilities I begin to feel an urge of girly(g****) again. In that instant the word, "naaaiiil polish" whispers through my head. "I want new (teal) nail polish!" I decide. Such spontaneity, such fun, soooo summer! Typically this "girl" sticks to dark colors and the occasional pink, but Teal sung to me for some reason. I called up my very pregnant friend(deciding she needed to walk to induce labor anyways) and off to the store we were a little while later.

The lovely find,  "Teal or No Teal" by Wet n Wild, a brand, by the way, that I haven't purchased since High School...mainly because it's cheap and I figured that if I didn't like it, I would be out much $$. A bold choice, yes, but bold is good, right?!

I have yet to adorn my toes with this lovely color because, well, a quick trip with a good friend, turned in a loooong, and much enjoyable, 2 1/2 hour trip ending with a wonderful fashion show of cheap, bug-eye sunglasses. Which, admittedly, I am now the proud owner of not just one, but two pairs...$5 dollars each! Great deal, AND I was still sporting a (cheap) pair all the way from college that I managed to not lose. It was about time. I digress....

Needless to say, my husband was quick to laugh and give me the "look" as soon as I admitted to the female-exuding loot I was smuggling into the house.....

The day that started off slow turned into a spirited and very colorful (literally) day.....Also a day that resulted in the quickest I have ever packed a family of four, a dog, and a fish for a road trip. Here's hoping we didn't forget anything! And yes, I am considering painting my toes in the car....Please drive steady, babe!

Coffee, how I love thee...let me count the ways.....

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  1. **UPDATE**Although for the first few days I felt like a teenager with this color on my toes, I have now grown to REALLY like my brightly colored toes. Just figured you'd like to know :)


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