Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If you don't like it, get rid of it!

No, this is not my motto for life. BUT it is my motto for my household objects this past week.

In true, Tasha fashion (I say "Tasha" fashion mainly because I'm not sure if this is necessarily just a "Tasha trait" or if it is an innate quality of all girls), I took a quick look at my kitchen and decided, "I don't like it." So what do I do? I strip it bare of all decor and decide we're having a garage sale(and I may have also striped our bedroom as well of some objects in preparation of my *project* next year). And yes, I informed my husband of all of this after the fact. Surprise!

I decide to start with only the colors I love (which involves many...)...orange, green, yellow, red, and some browns. I just happened to be going into one of my favorite boutiques that day the pick up some things that my in-laws requested when I happened across some dishtowels that also, coincidentally, have those same colors in them! Deciding I had some of my "fun money" to use anyways, I purchase them (pretty darn FUN to me!). It was somewhere to start.....

Later that day when staring at my kitchen again trying to think of where in the world I was going to go with this "operation redecorate," I realized that a rug I have had my eye on for a while would go perfectly with the colors I had in mind and would be a great place to start.  The rug: beautiful, perfectly colored, and yes, girly(g****).

Cute, right?!

My husband on the other hand was completely perplexed as to why I would ever think of putting a "flowery" rug in our house.....apparently that is not manly or something. I told him, "because.....I like it, that's why" (deep, I know). He then tried to talk me into getting a rug that also had the colors I wanted in it, but.......it consisted of.....SQUARES. I then went on a long explanation that that is sooooo not the look I was going for because, a) that is contemporary in my opinion, and anyone that knows me knows that I am anything but contemporary....squares signify straight edges and "in a box." I am fluid, a little wild, and, well, a little loud. Squares did not say that to me! b) he wasn't going to be looking at it as much as I was anyways and c) I AM allowed to have some g**** in the house... and because I think he was simply tired of hearing my rant, he gave in :)

So now my kitchen consists of a rug, dishtowels, and lately, me, because I am usually in there trying to think of where to go from there (We also put away our toaster oven because it took up tons of space thus making room for my looovely, red Kitchenaid mixer and a lot more counter space to create incredibly yummy and craving-satisfying food). Somewhat blank, but I like it. It looks clean and gives me a *new* project.

My poor husband doesn't understand this urge, but does like the fact that it inspired me to shed things that we don't use any more...I feel so much lighter! It's almost as good as losing weight.......okay, not that good.

Any suggestions, or decor ideas that you have or come across would be greatly appreciated :)

Next year:  "Operation Redecorate Bedroom." Somehow I am going to try to convince my hubbs that we should have zebra print and giraffe print in our room(TASTEFULLY of course).......I could argue it as an educational experience for our children--"no need for that expensive trip to Africa on safari, honey! Look! We could have it right here in our bedroom for the smaller price of..."


  1. Thanks for giving me the courage to change my kitchen. I do not like it. It is red. Why did I paint it red?! I decided a few weeks ago that I am painting my kitchen orange when we get into our new house! Yea for getting rid of what you don't like!

  2. That was from me (ashley)


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