Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today is the day!

Okay...today is the day I have had a love/hate relationship with a while now.....

The day I start running again. Boo, hiss, woo-hoo! I love being able to run...period, no matter the distance. I also love finishing races...no they are not an actually "race" to me, because honestly I feel like a winner by just finishing! I didn't grow up running, and it is REALLY hard to me, so that is a big deal.

I am putting my gym membership on hold until it gets crazy hot in the summer because it is getting so nice outside. I'd rather be outside with my family than in a stuffy gym....so, I'm starting the Couch to 5k program. I've used it before after I lost all my "baby weight" with my first because I didn't want to chance gaining it back. And now it's that time again with the 2nd.

I love the program and the feeling I get while doing it....it's just getting started that is hard. SO, since it is so nice today I am taking my boys and our jogging stroller out to complete day 1! Wish me luck!

Goofing around with my crazy friend :) before the relay-marathon 2 years ago

With the most amazing coach/running partner ever before a 5k here in town


  1. YAY!!!!!!! You knew I would have to comment on this post! (and use lots of exclamation points!!) You are gonna do great! You know there is a Searcy 5K coming up at the end of April. The stride to prevent suicide is on Sat. 4/28. Toad Suck is May 5th in Conway I believe. Anyway, yes- this weather is great! Enjoy it!! Happy Running! :-)

  2. Oh no...another one of you :-)
    Good for you, Natasha !! Hope it goes well as you work back into it ...


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