Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blanket or Duvet?

Today is day 5,861,273 of me being sick. Okay it's only day 5, but it feels like it has been that long. Yesterday thanks to some wonderful people in my life and my new best friend, NyQuil, I was allowed to be comatose ALL day. Because of that I am feeling somewhat more functional today. Hopefully in the next few days I can actually report a completely clean bill of health, but for now it is what it is.

I want to share this conversation I had earlier with our oldest....

C: "Mamma is this my blanket?"

Me: "No, honey, it's your duvet cover"

C: "My blanket?"

Me: "No, Du-vet co-ver"

C: "Bla-n-ket?"

Me: "Du-vet co-ver"

C: "Dave?"

Me: "Yes, honey, Dave" ...sigh...

It was slightly frustrating, but at the same time pretty funny. It just reminded me of the many conversations I have had with my husband about the names that girls have to have for things including this same duvet vs. blanket debate.

When debating I like to have evidence to back myself up, so for kicks and giggles, the definitions of each...

Duvet Cover: A duvet cover (pronounced du-VAY) is a removable cover that encloses a comforter.
The duvet cover comes from the word "duvet," a french word meaning a bag filled with some kind of stuffing--often either feathers, down or wool--to be used for warmth. To read more, go here. It actually was pretty interesting...

Blanket: A large piece of woven material used as a covering for warmth, especially on a bed.

There you have it. But besides the definitions, Duvet Cover just sounds a whole lot prettier than blanket. My boys will be taught the correct names for things. I feel like I am fulfilling one of my duties as a mother by doing this... :)

I love this picture from a couple years ago of my oldest on his new Dave/DUVET COVER that I made using scraps from his baby bedding.

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  1. When I first starting giving you kids downfilled comforters with duvet covers, you decided that they were the answer to everything and insisted on taking them to Bible Camp, sleep overs etc. You always wanted to take a sheet with yours, but the boys weren't picky-they'd just wrap themselves in it I guess and sleep in their clothes, cus I was replacing those every year it seemed from downright filth (the boys would take off the duvet cover).


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