Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday's with the MOB

MOB definition: Mother of boys

For the past three days I have been sick. Not just sick, but wishing I was in labor instead of having this virus sick. I have never felt this bad in my life(no exaggeration), but luckily I have had some happy little helpers take good care of me. There are the days when surrounded by boys that I want to scream and then there are the days that they make me feel incredibly special since I am the only girl they know :)

MOB highlights from the past week:

"Momma, you're pretty"

"Momma my head hurts, can I have kisses to make it feel better?" --my oldest's attempt to postpone going to worked. He got snuggles and kisses. My husband laughed at me and made fun of me for being wrapped around his finger, but I know in 10 years when he is too cool for kisses I will be wishing he still thought kisses made everything feel better

"Let me cover you up so you don't get cold" --cue my oldest covering me with a blanket while I am half alive lying on the couch

"Momma you want to eat with us? Eating your food will make you feel better" --something I tell him all the time. I didn't even feel good enough to eat, but in this case I did eat. I couldn't say no.

Fav pics of this week....

How I found my oldest one night when I went in to check on him :) And then the next morning I listened as he flicked each one individually off his bed and into the wall

Playing outside on a beautiful day

My oldest was trying to take a picture of me, but didn't realize the camera was turned around :)

Happy little Birthday boy after demolishing his cupcake and now onto his crackers

my little climber

sporting his new OU gear...future QB
I love my boys. They have taken very good care of this sickly lady. And I've decided the best thing for a person who is sick is to be surrounded by cute, lively little boys.


  1. Ah, I love your blog so much! I'm sorry you're feeling like crap but glad you have good company. :) hope the bday party and your hot date went well!

  2. Mom says: Oh, I was having a bad day, and what more to cheer me up than to read a little M.O.B. activity? Awesome! YOu are indeed right about the hugs -get them while you can, because you guys grow/grew up before I knew it! I loved squeezing the stuffing out of you and your brothers - always calmed me down too! Can't wait to see the birthday boy and Caden too-they are growing so fast! Love you!HOpe you start tio feel better sweetheart!


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