Saturday, February 11, 2012

**Special Date**

Today was a special day, for a few reasons...

1) I FINALLY felt well! For the first time in a week. Hallelujah!

2) I got to go on a "Momma~Caden Date" with our oldest. We were supposed to go a week ago, but I wasn't feeling well so we had to post-pone...

About a week and a half ago I was having a really hard time getting our oldest to go to Pre-school. This is VERY unlike him. He is normally excited to go to school to see his friends and teachers, but this morning I was only getting big tantrums. After calming him down and talking to him I was able to get him to school but as soon as I was about to leave he started bawling. His teachers were shocked because they had never seen him do this. I left our youngest with his sweet teachers to play while I went to talk to Caden alone. He didn't want to come home with me, but he didn't want to stay at school. Instead I loved on him and calmed him down and then left him--crying again--with his teachers(broke my heart). I told them to call me if he didn't stop, and secretly I wanted them too, but of course he stopped and ended up having a great day.

When I picked him up one of his teachers, the one who calmed him down, told me what Caden ended up saying to her. He told her, "I don't want to share my toys with Pryce, I don't want to play with Pryce, I don't want to see Pryce, I want to see my Momma, I just want to see my Momma."

Broke my heart again....he needed to spend one-on-one time with me, and only me. And ya know, I've always known this needed to happen, and kinda thought it did since our youngest takes a nap in the morning, but he needed me to set special time aside just for him.

I decided he and I would go on a date and he told me he wanted to go get ice cream. Then, to make it even cuter, he said to his dad, "Daddy I need some money so I can take Momma on a date." Love :)

He has been looking forward to this for over a week now and got the cutest smile on his face when I told him we were going to be able to go today. "Momma, I'm going to take you on a date today, but you're going to drive, and I'm going to sit in my car seat." His daddy is taking full advantage of this situation to also teach him about how to treat girls. "You always pay for tell them how pretty they look...remember to ask her what she would like before you get your own..." It was really sweet overhearing their conversation. Here I was wanting to make him feel special and I was the one feeling special in return.

Some pics of our fun...He let me have a mini photo shoot before we left....

sweet laughs

Gotta love being tickled :)

Loving his ice cream with his "bears and M & M's" on top

I just like this
The yummy mess in a HUGE bowl

He wanted to drink his "juice"
 Caden picked out our table, right by the window, and pointed to a store he wanted to go to after we finished our ice cream. It was one of those $1 jewelry stores, and I had never been in it before so I was all for that one! He giggled as he tried on bracelets and gave me "pretty, shiny" ones to try on. Sweet boy...I tucked away the thought to break this to his dad gently :) After that he wanted to go to the pet store. We saw dogs, cats and fish. He was happy and he even got to pick out a toy and a couple dog treats for our pup and a friend's dog. After picking out Valentine's for his friends and picking up a *special* Valentine for momma (Just happened to be the day Breaking Dawn came out...) we headed home.

He was the most polite, thoughtful, and cute little boy I have ever seen and brought smiles to people around us and to myself. We didn't do anything big or over the top, we just spent time together that was out of the norm. Days like this are needed, for all of us. Today has helped me "see" my oldest again, for what he is, a sweet little boy, and it has hopefully helped him feel how important and special he is.

He even was excited to get home and see his little brother AND share his toys with him :)

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