Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Overload

So......it's been a while. Yeah. Blame it on the month we call October. In our house that means two birthday's, visits from family, pumpkin patches, Fall Festivals, Football, etc, etc....which left me tired and not wanting to spend time typing. So I guess I took an unexpected break from blogging. Quick recap of our month....
A little boy's 3rd Birthday! Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...
Fishing with Dad

Some girl's birthday :) Can you say CHOCOLATE?! YUM

First Football game!

Mummy Dogs and "Web dip" an October specialty

Sunflower field at the Pumpkin Patch

Cutest little pumpkins ever

My kind of carving...with power tools!

Little man with his pumpkins

The Hubbs and I dressed as Texas and OK for a Halloween Party
I was so proud of my hubbs creative take on it :)

Angry bird(his choice) and a baby lion...So precious
Busy month, but a fun month. Some of my other pursuits this month...Saving money on groceries (post later), getting back into shape (yikes), and now attempting to simplify :)

In the next couple days will be a post a la Hubbs. He is excited about this one...for my birthday he planned some meals to cook for me and spoofed me by taking pictures of the process for a "post" :) He thought he was real cute...and he kinda was.


  1. Love the way you carve pumpkins!! And that chocolatey birthday dish looks amazing... More details, please!

  2. Tia, the chocolate cupcakes were commisioned by my dad from a place in Oklahoma City. And they were amazing!


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