Friday, September 30, 2011

Fab Food Friday: Nutella Cake Balls!!

Nutella.....Can I get an amen?! 

This week we were having some new friends over for dinner and since I hadn't made a REALLY good dessert in a while I decided I wanted to make one. Something rich, soul comforting, and well...of course probably not very healthy :) I decided Nutella was going to be my key ingredient. My husband and I love Nutella mainly because it reminds us of our time in Italy (it's EVERYWHERE!). Italy is filled with great memories for us so that fills the requirement of "soul comforting."  

I had never made cake balls before and wanted to. I decided to search Pinterest(of course) under Nutella to see if there was a recipe for Nutella Cake Balls. To my *luck* I found a recipe on there from the Confessions of a Chocaholic blog. Now that's my type of blog!

So here it is....My recipe is slightly different from her's...of course not too many pics, but I did remember to take a couple!

Nutella Cake Balls

Yellow Cake mix
13-20 oz of Nutella
12 oz package of Milk Chocolate Chips
some Baker's melting chocolate(I used white)

Step 1) Bake your cake mix according to package...I substituted some of the oil for applesauce because I figured it would make it a little healthier and you wouldn't even be able to tell once it's all said and done!

Step 2) Let the cake cool completely and then crumble it into a large mixing bowl

Step 3) Add about 13-18 oz(I like more Nutella flavor so I did about 18 oz) of Nutella to the crumbs and mix until all the cake crumbs are moist

Step 4) With your hands(clean of course!) form the cake into about 1 inch balls and place on a pan

Meatballs anyone???
Step 5) This step is really hard....Refrigerate overnight or a few hours if that's all you have

Step 6) Melt your chocolate chips(I added 2 squares of white chocolate baking squares) and to give it MORE Nutella flavor I added a few ounces of Nutella to the melted chocolate. If you've never melted chocolate before....put all your chocolate into a pyrex type dish and microwave at 30 second increments stirring each time until it is completely melted! Too much time in the microwave will make the chocolate me, you don't want that!!

Step 7) Using a toothpick stuck in each cake ball I dipped them into the chocolate and using a spoon I made sure they were completely covered with chocolate.

Step 8) Some people "dry" their cake balls different ways, but I just wanted to let them set on some wax paper. I let them set until the chocolate was firm, then I put them in the fridge until I was ready to serve!

Beautiful, aren't they??

Result? Y-U-M!! We loved them, but **warning** they are rich, so a nice cup of coffee goes great with these!

Also, I had leftover cake balls that I didn't have enough chocolate for. You can freeze these and use at a later time!

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