Friday, August 19, 2011

Change is Good

So I realize I have not been blogging in quite some time! I have been slightly absorbed in......a book. Obsessed is more like it.

Recently with the release of the movie, The Help, I, of course(mainly because of my nosiness) wondered what the hype was about the book that the movie is based on. After asking some of my friends about it and deciding that I needed something else to read other than my, as of late, boring NF books I dove into The Help.
 The Help[Hardcover]

The book is set in the 60's and follows 3 friends and the maids that work in their city. I have been totally intrigued by the relationships between the characters and the culture that they lived in. The book has it's light moments, but for the most part covers some very heavy cultural issues. While I'm not attempting to ignore the more serious topic in the book, I have been noticing some other cultural "norms" in the book that I am SO VERY glad have changed. Mainly the ways that were "normal" amongst the female population.

My list of "Things I am SO glad have changed for Women:"

1. Panty longer is ts considered a staple in every women's wardrobe. They are hot, delicate, and don't allow sandals or peep-toes to look very lovely. Don't get me wrong, I understand their purpose and wear them occasionally(although I will say my favorite version not the typical skin-toned, it is a pair of gray herringbone hose/stockings! LOVE), but I am glad that, like Aibileen in the book, we are not having to wear them in 100 degree weather because it is considered "proper."

2. Equal Pay. Do I really need to say more about this?

3. Polishing silver. When getting married I had the option to register for "silver." It seemed impractical to us and slightly outdated so we opted for regular silverware. After reading how often they polish and care for their silverware I am SO glad we took the easier option :)

4. Showing skin. This topic is slightly controversial and honestly I don't feel like going too deep into it, but, for real...I am so glad it is acceptable to at least show your arms and neck now :)

5. More job opportunity (for the most part).

I'm sure there are more things that I could think of from the book that have changed, but I am kinda stuck on one thing. I was thinking about the obvious judgement between races in the book, but what about the issues and judgement between the women in the book? The Junior League that the girls are in stuck out to me and the cattiness and elitist attitudes that most of the girls carry. I started thinking and comparing it to today. Not the "league," but the attitudes of the girls. I would LOVE to say that women/girls today have evolved from that.....but I can't. Can you? We (women) do ourselves and our peers a disjustice at the attitude that we carry at times. Why can't we just enjoy each other's company? Without judgement, thinking ourselves better, thinking another is better, without gossiping, etc.....I am not saying that I am not included in this, Lord knows I have my struggles, BUT I am saying why not try to change? Why not, when in the company of another girl or even not in the company of that girl, simply try our best to point out the beautiful qualities of that person (every person has some, if not many!) instead of what we consider the ugly?

Why can't we all just get along?! ;)

Challenge for the week: Be aware of your inner dialogue, ESPECIALLY when thinking about our fellow females and try to be more positive. We, as women, need to be supporting each other, not breaking each other down! Let's "help" out our gender :)


  1. Great observations! I must say that I quite agree! :-)

    BTW- Love this blog!!


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