Monday, August 29, 2011

Boys and beans....

Ha, so this post probably isn't what you thought it would be about, but......

What's in our forecast? More heat. Boo. Which means, one very energetic toddler in the house most of the day instead of outside. Boo again.

Have you ever heard about sensory tubs? I had, but didn't really know what they were. One of Caden's Sunday school teachers had one out for his class one night and explained it to me. Caden apparently loved it! I basically compare it to an indoor sandbox for kids(in caden's case anyways). Now I totally love the idea of a sandbox, because I know boys love to dig in it, build things, etc.....BUT I was not about to invite more dirt than necessary into my house!

The tub is usually filled with scoops, funnels, cups, cars,'s the limit with what you want to put in it. Instead of sand people usually use rice, but seeing as how that can be a really hard mess to clean up, I chose pinto beans for our tub.

Since it has been so hot outside I decided I needed to give Caden something else to play with, for his sake, and for my sanity :) Today at the store I got him a plastic tub(not too big, not too small) and a 4 lb. bag of pinto beans. When we got home he helped me empty the beans into the tub and I grabbed (slightly random) things that I knew he would have fun with. In went a scoop, plastic spoon, small bowl with lid, toy monster truck, cow Easter egg :), clothespin(to work in fine motor), even an ice cube tray!

And the verdict? He played with it for about 5 hours today. No Exaggeration.

He added magnetic alphabet letters, two plastic Easter bunnies(I have no idea why we have all these Easter items randomly around...), and two more cars :)

Who new THIS would be THAT much fun?

My conclusion? Best. Idea. Ever. (and I totally stole it) He even was careful not to spill the beans (ha) and when he did they were easy for him to pick up. Mamma loves that.

I have in the plans to make him different tubs with other fillers. I know some people even have themes...I'm thinking seasonal themes?


  1. This is a great idea. I'm so going to do this for Kate! I just joined this site so I could post on here. I read your blog sometimes and it is so cute. Inspiring me to maybe try one myself. I love reading your ideas, stories, etc. You have such a cute little family! What a good momma you are!

  2. That was from Ashley Murray.

  3. Thanks for reading! You totally should start one! It has been a good outlet for me. I hope you and your sweet girls are doing well! Ha, you have our "opposit" family :)

  4. bah, that munchkin is too cute and smart! I'm sure his fine motor skills are already off the charts thanks to the skill involved in lifting his 10,000 pound buzz lightyear over his head and pressing all the minuscule buttons at the same time. #smartypants and #smartymomma

  5. I must say, you're right. He's thoroughly advanced. Much thanks to your immense knowledge in the ways of Buzz. I mean you won the award and all...


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