Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A room of your own...

Wouldn't it be nice to have a space ALL to yourself?! Once I had my sweet kiddos, of course, I lost all sense of "personal space". There would be times when my own husband would try to hug me and I would slightly freak out because I couldn't take one more person in "my space". Poor guy. About a month ago I was reading a book that a good friend of mine loaned me. It's called Boy-Sterous Living by Jean Blackmer (I recommend it to anyone who has boys, teaches boys, or just wants to understand their hubbs better). It's hilarious, is encouraging, and is all around a good read. Becky, you will be getting this back soon, promise!

Anyways one of her chapters is titled, "Think Pink." Basically the premise for why I started this blog, living out your "girl". As one part of this chapter she encourages women, moms, etc...to create a room that is just for her. She says this will help encourage a connection to your girl..."create, grow, pray, and be filled so you can go out and be useful to others".

My first thought, "I TOTALLY agree with this!"

My second thought, "I don't have a whole room to spare!" Mrs. Blackmer addresses this as well and points out that even if you can just make a corner your own, do it!

Getting so old!

Now that my youngest is approaching the year mark I have slowly been able to regain some of my personal space and time(even though he still insists on being attached to me as much as possible), because him and our 3 year old are able to play together. I have decided to take Mrs. Blackmer up on her challenge to make a space just for "you". Until we move the boys into a room together next year my only room currently that is somewhat mine is the hubbs and my bedroom.

SO I have decided to reclaim our bedroom. And eventually when I redo our room this next year, a "girl" corner for myself to relax.

My first step? Limiting the kiddos "use" of the room. A few months ago I began teaching our oldest the word "privacy" especially when it involves women and their need to have time to themselves(ex: in the shower) and this is another aspect of giving others privacy. Our kids have never really slept in our room or anything, because my husband has always seen some the importance of keeping the bedroom a "special" place for just mommy and daddy. I secretly have always loved this rule, it made me feel special that he valued our time together that much. Anyways, back to limiting the kiddos in the room....

Sometimes the only time I get to myself during the day is when I take a shower and sometimes when I put on my make-up. Doing your hair and getting dressed has proved pretty interesting and definitely not peaceful while a baby is climbing up your leg, in the toilet, and pulling things off shelves and a 3 year old is bouncing on and off your bed(which is a no-no in our house, but of course that is tested daily). Today I decided that they did not need to play in our room because they have plenty of toys in their own baby-proofed rooms and do actually enjoy playing together. So, what did I do? I put up the baby gate in the door going to our room (I seriously have not utilized this device enough).

At first I felt bad about restricting them, but then I relaxed, just a little bit, giving myself a slight break from the pressure I felt to constantly be in the same room at all times. I was okay with it because, a) the room they play in is 3 feet from our bedroom door and I could see and hear them, b) I have learned to get ready incredibly quickly, c) they didn't mind it a bit, and d) I could get ready even faster because I wasn't having to fish things out of the toilet that our little man decided needed to go in there.

The old me, the pre-kids me, would have thought this was an incredibly selfish thing to do. BUT now I realize that in order to be a better momma, a less stressed person, and a much more "loving" wife and mother, you need to take some time for yourself. Know your limits of course...A typical 5 minute routine probably shouldn't turn into 2 hours :)

Day 1 of reclaiming a space for "me", a success. Here's to hoping our 3 year old doesn't realize that he is, in fact, strong enough to push down that gate...

Eventually I'll get to that "corner" in our room.

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  1. I can't wait to see your "corner" plans. Let's plan one together! I'm feeling a funky chair for mine:)


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