Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fire Crackers and Freedom

I'm sitting here painting my nails a dark red for the holiday, the boys are resting, and the hubbs is putting together his new grill the boys got him for Father's Day. Overall, just enjoying our new little space.

The past week and a half has been a blur. We moved, I've been working most mornings and nights helping with a summer camp at the local college, and we've been attempting to unpack. Our house is a wreck and many projects are still needing to be done. BUT we are at peace in our new sweet home.

The boys are in heaven with all of the space they have to run and play. Getting to watch them run, laugh and play without worries of cars, etc...has made the move worth it right there. I even think they are even getting along better because they each have more space.

The only projects we have been able to accomplish are replacing a couple light fixtures and attempting to remove the rediculously stubborn wallpaper from the walls. After our last house and our current, I've decided that wall paper is bad. Very, very, bad. Yes, it can be beautiful, but still mean at the very same time.

Today, though, was my last morning at the camp and I have chosen to be the mom I have been wanting to be the last month, but haven't "made" the time(okay, I haven't had much time).

We are going to play outside with the boys(slip-n-slide time!), grill out, and I'm making a yummy 4th of July trifle (yellow cake, whipped cream, pudding, strawberries, and blueberries. Yum!). We are enjoying each other and, especially today, we are enjoying the freedom that has been so painstakingly fought for. Even amongst the craziness we are still blessed and thankful.

I hope you all enjoy this holiday and are reminded, once again, of the blessings in your life!

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  1. Love that you are settling in and enjoying this new adventure! You are such an inspiration to me as I'd love to get back to the days when I can completely focus on my family. I've only got 6 more years left with my oldest and my baby will be half grown in 6 months. Don't take any of it for granted because one day you look up and they're grown! Love ya girl!


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